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                                                       'BEST IN POUTINE' COMPETITION                                                           





Kelly Emond - Les Pros de la Pout

Kelly Emond is based in Gatineau, Quebec. Professional translator by day, this paintball weekend warrior also has a knack for electronics and classic gaming. He is the other half of the dynamic duo “Les Pros de la Pout”, a francophone, poutine-centric foodie blog on Facebook and Instagram. 


Martin Dionne - Les Pros de la Pout

Martin Dionne hails from Valleyfield, Quebec and is a factory worker for one of the biggest distillery in North America. Being an ex-professional wrestler, Martin has his very own action figure and sidelines as a photographer in his spare time. Along with his cousin, he operates “Les Pros de la Pout, a popular French-Canadian poutine blog on Facebook and Instagram. 


Kurt Stoodley - Remax Realtor and Turkey Stripper






Mark Warburton - Software Developer

Fun Fact: Being half Swiss, I always loved cheese with potatoes and gravy with potatoes. Imagine how thrilled I was to discover that all three could come together in one delightful crispy-gooey dish!


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