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Q: Will you be serving Gluten Free and Vegetarian Poutine?  A: Yes.


Q: What’s kinds of Poutine can we find at Ottawa PoutineFest?  A: Everything from Traditional Poutine to your faviourite Exotics such as Italian, Shawarma, Tourtiere, Blackened Chicken, Lobster, Greek, Filet Mignot, Nachos, and more.


Q: What is the best way to eat Poutine?  A: With Friends at Ottawa PoutineFest


Q: Where is the Fest?  A: Downtown Ottawa, outdoors at beautiful Marion Dewars Plaza (near City Hall) – 110 Laurier Street, Ottawa Ontario.


Q: What does it cost?  A: Admission is FREE! but if you “Toss us a Toonie” in support of the Ottawa Food Bank and the World of Poutine is yours. And… you get a chance to win poutine for a year.  PoutineFest is all about Food, Fun and Social. We’ve expanded our music lineup with a full weekend of live entertainment, craft beer gardens, rock climbing wall, kids’ fun zone, contesting, activations, Poutiners and Foodie Vendors, King of Poutine, our very popular Poutine Eating Contest and more. #spreadthecurd


Q: How do we pay?  A: Cash is King.


Q: What are the Festivals Hours?  A: Friday 11:30am9pm  Saturday 11am9pm  Sunday 11am – 7pm


Q: Will there be live entertainment?  A: Yes. A full schedule of live music is planned for Ottawa PoutineFest.


Q: Is there a Beer Gardens?  A: Yes. We are pleased to Broadhead Brewery serving you delicious craft beer with your choice of poutine.


Q: Who can attend?  A: Ottawa PoutineFest and Mac My Cheese is a Family Friendly Event.


Q: How do I get there?  A: You can drive or take a bus. A cab is an excellent plan, too! If you live nearby, you can even walk. There is plenty of parking nearby with free parking weekends at World Exchange Plaza, Street Parking and on site in the City Hall Garage.


Q: What else can we expect from the Ottawa PoutineFest Experience?  A: In addition to some of the best poutine on the planet, you can take part in the Poutine Judging Contest, Poutine Eating Contest, Potato-Themed Games, and more.


Q: What is the price range of Poutine?  A: Poutine prices range from $6.50 up to $15.00 for the best exotics.


Q: How can we vote for the Best Poutine?  A: Guests will be allowed to vote online at (Watch for the Vote Button)


Q: Which Poutiners will be serving gluten-free poutine? A: Smoke’s Poutinerie, Texas Tornado. Please note, others will also be serving Gluten Free and Veggie Poutine.

Q: Which Poutiners will be serving Vegan Poutine? Almighty Cheese, Roost, and Woohoo Poutine.


Q: Can we bring our lawn Chairs and a blanket? A: Yes, we have a nice grass area for you to use. Please keep in mind that there will be others joining you, so be friendly, share the space, and have Fun.

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